Scented Amber Block
Scented Amber Block
Scented Amber Block
Scented Amber Block

Scented Amber Block

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Scented cubes are solid home perfume cubes that are handmade. Place them on a dish in your home and it will keep the room scented. You can also store it in a cotton or organza bag and hang it in your closet. If they start losing their fragrance intensity, you can break or grate them into pieces to re intensify the scent.

Always store them on a dish or in a bag, as they can leave stains on your surfaces. Packaged in waxed paper to preserve the fragrance.

Other ways to use -

Crumble a small amount and put it in a small bowl to make your room smell wonderful for months.

Hang the block in your wardrobe or your car for a wonderful fragrance.

If the scent decreases, you can scrape off a little. This way the block can last for years.

You can also put some of the crumbles in your vacuum cleaner bag.

Let the block melt in an oil burner for a wonderful scent at your home. (The strength of the scent will
decrease a bit faster, but still lasts for months)


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